Welcome to the world of ‘Sylvie Cranshaw’, a quintessential northern English housewife with a passion for cooking up sauce in the kitchen, fresh meat and spicy innuendo.

Crumble is the dark and funny story of a woman trying to escape her monotonous existence. She mistakes fantasy for reality and loses herself somewhere in the middle. Hidden between the lines of her scrawled recipe notes and the pages of her romantic fiction collection lies a dangerous truth.

She didn’t think her little habits would harm anyone… until now.


an excitingly different bit of theatre. Low key and intimate to thrilling effect.”
— The Tyro Theatre Critic

Photograph by Jillian Eugenios

Photograph by Jillian Eugenios

audience REACTION:

Dark and light and a true delight!
London, 2016

Absolutely brilliant and so brave! Full of admiration with my jaw on the floor.
London, 2016

Wildly funny and heartbreaking.
New York, 2015

Brilliant and harrowing.
New York, 2015

A powerful piece of theatre, you could hear a pin drop.
Marlow, 2014

The most impressive monologue performance I have ever seen. Extraordinary insight into female loneliness from a male writer.
Northern Ireland, 2012

Blown away. One minute I was reaching for the cheesy balls, the next, tissues.
London, 2012