“You definitely get Hipster Points, hosting the show...”
Joanna, audience member, interviewed post-show by BBC Radio 5.

Watch a video from the New York Post

“…the immersive and curvy little psychodrama, Crumble.”
New York Daily News

“This time around, guests can expect some phallic baked jalapenos...”
Village Voice

“…transforms from dark comedy to darker drama, with mounting tension that is palpable.”
Huffington Post

“Friday’s crowd… universally impressed by the performance, gives Hooper a standing ovation.”
New York Post


A ‘Good Odds’ pick in Time Out New York’s Off-Off List

“Laura Hooper (Sylvie) delivered one of the most refreshing and genuine performances I’ve ever seen.”
NearSay New York

“…CRUMBLE is an excitingly different bit of theatre. Low key and intimate to thrilling effect.”
The Tyro Theatre Critic

“A play that evokes feminist-requisite reads like ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’.”
Curve Magazine

BBC Radio 5 live interview
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