Fancy hosting live theater in your home?*

We Are ALWAYS on the look out for kitchens.

Wherever you are, we'd happily consider kitchens in Kathmandu, cook houses in California or scullerys in Scunthorpe.

interested in hosting SOME LIVE THEATEr?
Feel like getting involved with mora?
GOt questions about the piece?

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MORA Theater have entertained audiences across the globe, and it's thanks to people who have opened up their homes to Crumble. You too could have a taste of the action with a pop-up performance. It's intimate, individual and immersive, an experience you'll never forget.


There are three ways to get cooking with Crumble:

1) Have a private kitchen party! 
Enjoy an unforgettably special evening tailor-made to your kitchen, a private one-off pop up show. Just invite 10-20 friends and crack open the bubbly. MORA will take care of the rest.

2) Open up your kitchen to a public performance!
Let other people into your hearts and your home, and get some hipster points in the process. MORA will take care of the details, just put your feet up and enjoy the show.

3) Come to one of our shows 
Try it for yourself. If that helps to persuade you to try options 1 or 2 then all the better!

Thirsty Work - photograph by Jillian Eugenios

Thirsty Work - photograph by Jillian Eugenios



David, London - 2016

If you're bored of using your kitchen for things like cooking, microwaving and takeouts, talk to Laura Hooper. She'll transform it into a an off-Broadway fringe venue, with her remarkable one-woman performance.  Don't worry about setting up footlights and stalls, Laura takes care of everything, affecting a magical change while you're at work. When you get home, Sylvie Cranshaw has taken over, and you can relax as a guest and enjoy the show. She even makes and serves her own canapés and nibbles. Just empty some space in your fridge and leave the guests in her capable hands. If providing a venue isn't motivation enough, there's the bonus of having an experiential theatre performance in YOUR apartment. It impressed the most hip of our hipster friends!

Martyn & Eric, Williamsburg - 2015

Crumble is a great show, and a really unique experience to have in your home. The team are very respectful of your space and ensure that a good time is had all round. Sylvie is welcome round ours anytime!

Joan & Bob, Upper East Side - 2015

Hosting a "Crumble" performance was fun, fascinating and exhilarating. What a fabulous way to experience theater up-close and have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Laura and the team were delightful, we'd definitely do it again!

Aaron - Union Square - 2015

It's gratifying to have theater guests gathered in your home, to experience, what turned out to be, a very moving show. Laura was very conscientious, she and her assistant took care of all the preparations, and were very unobtrusive. Afterwards, my kitchen was transformed back to its original state in the blink of an eye. A unique experience that I would be happy to repeat anytime.

Joc, Buckinghamshire - 2014

I hosted a private party, so my audience was made up of friends, many of whom were new to site-specific theatre. They really embraced the concept and enjoyed the experience, with a number keen to host themselves. What better accolade?! The only preparation I was responsible for was to give MORA the guest list. Then we had our own 'after show' party!


Don’t leave your domestic spaces sitting neglected and craving attention.
It’s time to give something back to the arts, and your kitchen.

If you want to get involved, or you have any questions about the piece, please email us at:

*Suitable kitchens will have space that can be clearly viewed by an audience. An open plan kitchen, which leads into a living room would be perfect! Smaller kitchens, leading onto a larger lounge could work too.

Finishing Touches (in all the right places) - photograph by Jillian Eugenios

Finishing Touches (in all the right places) - photograph by Jillian Eugenios